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Just gotta love the old skool polynesian sailing canoe...Hokule'a

Hokule‘a was completed and launched by the Polynesian Voyaging Society (PVS) in 1975.

The voyaging canoe was built in order to challenge the notion that Polynesians had discovered and settled the Pacific islands by accident. By building a replica of an ancient voyaging canoe and navigating it from Hawai'i to Tahiti and back without instrument in 1976, PVS showed how it would have been posssible for ancient Polynesians to sail and explore the Pacific ocean and settle its islands purposely, as a way of finding new homelands scattered over an oceanic area of ten million square miles, geographically the largest "nation" on earth--larger than Russia. (For a scholarly article on the founding of Polynesian Voyaging Society and the building of Hokule'a, see “The Founding of the Polynesian Voyaging Society” by one of the co-founders, Ben Finney.)

Herb Kawainui Kane, another co-founder of PVS, came up with the conceptual design for the canoe, with Kenneth Emory. (For details on how Hokule‘a was designed, see Kane’s “In Search of the Ancient Polynesian Voyaging Canoe”). The canoe is maintained by hundreds of volunteers, with drydocking before each long voyage.

It has two 62-foot hulls; eight `iako, or crossbeams, joining the two hulls; pola, or decking, lashing to the crossbeams between the two hulls; rails along the decking; and two masts.

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