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Molokaʻi or Molokai (pronounced /ˈmɒləkaɪ/ in English and [ˈmoloˈkɐʔi] in Hawaiian)) is an island in the Hawaiian archipelago. It is 38 by 10 miles (61 by 16 km) in size with a land area of 260.0 square miles (673.4 km²), making it the fifth largest of the main Hawaiian Islands and the 27th largest island in the United States. It lies east of Oʻahu across the 25-mile (40 km) wide Kaiwi Channel and north of Lānaʻi, separated from it by the Kalohi Channel. The lights of Honolulu are visible at night from the west end of Molokaʻi, while nearby Lānaʻi and Maui are clearly visible from anywhere along the south shore of the Island.

Molokai is known as the long time residence of Father Damien de Veuster, a Belgian priest who cared for sufferers of Hansen's Disease, also known as leprosy. Historically, a small north shore colony on 'Molokaʻi, Kalaupapa, was a refuge for sufferers of Hansen's Disease. There are no active cases of Hansen's Disease on 'Molokaʻi today. Those who continue to live in the Kalaupapa colony are descendant families of the previously afflicted diseased patients.

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