Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy all the shirts I get at the Hana Shirt Co. The shot I sent was taken at the international theme park show in Las Vegas, where my company exhibits every year. Got loads of compliments on the shirts I bought from you guys.
Allen (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Why join the Tribe?

Manapua - So Hawaiian !!


Manapua is the local version of char siu bao, only much bigger, and is a red-colored, Chinese sweet/sour pork enclosed and steamed in a white flour bun. Back in the day, they were sold in tin cans by barefoot peddlers roaming the streets, later graduating to mobile vans that frequented schools and business sites. While Mainland kids all remember ice cream trucks, here we remember “the manapua man,” as well, who sold the steamed buns along with other snacks, candies, and treats. Today, there are many variations of manapua. A baked variety is available in certain stores and are golden brownish instead of white, while such modern manapua concoctions as kalua pig, curry, hamburger, and spicy eggplant can also be found.

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