Wore my vintage Shag Tiki shirt from The Hana Shirt Co. to the casino. The slot machines were not impressed, but the cocktail waitresses wouldn't quit giving me free drinks. Jackpot! Thanks for making me a winner.
Patrick E. (Phoenix, Arizona)

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The Hana Shirt Co. - Jennifer and Robert Hayes - Tucson, Arizona

Aloha & Welcome!!


The Hana Shirt Company was founded in 2002 by Jennifer and Robert Hayes in Tucson, Arizona and specializes in selling Hawaiian Shirts from the 1930's through the 1970's. We offer the largest selection of vintage Hawaiian shirts and women's Hawaiian dresses, tea timers and pake muu muu's found anywhere in the online world !!

There are many, many Hawaiian Shirt Menehunes who work tirelessly to find you the most unique vintage Hawaiian and Aloha shirts on the planet. New Hawaiian Shirts arrive daily in our little tribal village and we consistently add vintage Hawaiian Shirts to our eBay Hawaiian Shirt auctions, Etsy Hawaiian Shirt Store and web site, so be sure to check them out!

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase - just send it back and choose another piece from our selection of over 1000 Hawaiian Shirts and dresses on eBay, our Etsy Hawaiian Shirt Store or our web site! We offer a hassle free exchange policy that takes the worry out of your Aloha buying experience.

Our goal is to bring our customers, all over our global village, "A Little Aloha, One Shirt At A Time". So please let us know how we can share a little aloha with you!




Robert & Jennifer Hayes
Tucson, Arizona



The World's Largest Collection of Vintage Hawaiian Shirts