I wore my vintage Hana shirt at my wedding. I got many compliments on the groove-a-lisciousness of the shirt. I love it!
The Charno's (New York)

Why join the Tribe?

Jennifer and Robert Hayes - Tucson, Arizona

aHayes Family


So why sell Hawaiian Shirts and all sorts of other Vintage Hawaiian Clothing on the web?  

Because Hawaiian Shirts are a true testament to the timeless elegance found in the islands during the 1930's - 1950's. They also represent the groovy, funky and far out 1960's and 1970's. Each Hawaiian Shirt and dress is a precious piece of wearable aloha art from the era in which it was made.

I was born and raised in Hawaii and have collected Vintage Hawaiian Shirts for over thirty years. As a child or "keiki" growing up in paradise, I attended Punahou School and surfed like there was no tomorrow!  You could find me wearing an outrageous aloha shirt nearly every day while I attended graduate school in Los Angeles. Aloha Shirts are my passion.

Enough about me, this is really a family business. I will be forever grateful to my "ohana" or family for their love, support and understanding.  My beautiful wife Jennifer Hayes was responsible for introducing me to the world of on-line selling and finds amazing vintage Hawaiian shirts & dresses each month for our business.  Our son Thomas Hayes is actively involved and is planning to add a new product line to our offerings.

Our daughter Hana is The Hana Shirt Company's Namesake. She is truly a gift from heaven and the inspiration behind our company.  Mahalo for visiting our little slice of paradise and we look forward to sharing our aloha, one shirt at a time.



Robert and Jennifer Hayes - Tucson, Arizona


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