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Take a look at some of our tribal members in their Hawaiian Shirts....some way, way rad daddy pictures !!   We would love to see a picture of you in your vintage Hawaiian Shirt !!  Send us a picture of you in your Hana Shirt Company Hawaiian Shirt and we will hook you up with a way cool offer!!  The Hana Shirt Company home to the world's largest collection of Vintage Hawaiian Clothing, including men's shirts, women's dresses, swim wear and Hawaiian Collectibles!



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Hawaiian Shirts

I'm wearing my new boldly designed Hana Aloha Shirt to see the latest show at Manhattan's Cooper Hewitt Design Museum.

Scott M


Hawaiian Shirts

I've been collecting and wearing Hawaiian Shirts for over half my life - no-one I know really gets it, but it's my very easy way of being in a really good state of mind all year round.

Steve V.


Hawaiian Shirts

Hana is the top banana !!

Paul T

A special place

Hawaiian Shirts

Thank you for the Hawaiian shirt. Just a little secret about Germany for Hana's tribe.....we celebrate Oktoberfest all year long and only invite the rest of the world one month a year !!

Ruben S.


Hawaiian Shirts

Your vintage Hawaiian shirts are the cat's meow !! Thank you for the exceptional international service !!

Guido D.


Hawaiian Shirts

A vintage Primo Beer Hawaiian shirt from The Hana Shirt Company is the only way to fly on Kauai

Primo Master

Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaiian Shirts

Thanks for the super cool vintage tiki shirt..perfecto !!



Hawaiian Shirts

Thank's for my orgasmic Hawaiian Togs shirt. The first time I wore it, the wahines wanted to touch it and feel it all night long. Must be something about 40's rayon, right?!

Alec J.

British Wardrobe Boy

Hawaiian Shirts

You can't do mathematics unless you're stylish AND comfortable.

Andrew V.

Columbia, SC

Hawaiian Shirts

Mess with my Hana Shirt and I will give you the fork !!

Pimp Master

Underground Tiki Lounge

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The World's Largest Collection of Vintage Hawaiian Shirts